Sympathy and condolences

For the past week the LO/FTF Council has been flooded with condolences and statements of sympathy from partners abroad and at home in connection with the untimely death of Secretary General Anders Stig Møller.

Here is a selected few:



We are shocked and deeply sorry to learn about the sudden death of Anders Stig Moller, General Secretary of LO-FTF Council on April 10, 2009. Brother Anders will be sorely missed as a true friend of ITUC-Africa and a dependable colleague in the field of development cooperation. 

We extend our deepest condolences to the wife and family as well as to the colleagues and friends of Brother Anders. 

In solidarity 

Kwasi Adu-Amankwah 

General Secretary 


ITUC - Asia Pacific

It is with great sorrow that we have received the sad news of the sudden and untimely pass of Brother Anders Stig Moller, General Secretary of the LO/FTF Council. We know how much he meant to you and your organisation both as a fine and dynamic leader and as a friend, who made a significant contribution to the trade union development in our region. 

Please accept our heartfelt condolence and convey our deepest sympathy to his family and associates. 

Fraternally and sincerely, 

Noriyuki Suzuki 

General Secretary 


Education International

Please send my (and EI's) sincere condolences to Anders family. Also we want to make it extensive to the LO-FTF colleagues who had the privilege to work with Anders. 

Best regards. 

N Nicolás Richards 

Senior Coordinator 

Solidarity Development Unit 


UNI Global Union

It is with great distress that we heard of the sudden passing of Anders Stig Møller. Our heart goes out to his closest family, friends and colleagues in these sad times. With our deepest and sincerest sympathy, 

Bettina Martens Project Manager

UNI global union 


FNV Mondiaal

It is with deep regret and sorrow that I read this sad message about Anders Stig Møller.  We will miss his prominent voice in our meetings of the Nordic Dutch meetings.  Please transfer our deepest feelings of sympathy to his beloved ones. 

Dian van Unen 

FNV Mondiaal 


FNV Mondiaal

It is with unbelief that I just read your message. This is a great loss for us all and especially for the Internatinal Solidairty Support. I will sure miss him in our future meetings. Please send my most sincere condolences to his family. 

Best regards Tjalling Postma, 

FNV Mondiaal. 


MTUC Mongoliet

We are very saddened by the death of the General Secretary Mr Anders Moller. The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union recognizes his role not only in the development and strengthening of the LO-FTF Council but also his invaluable contribution to the development of trade union movements in developing countries by a democratic path. He will be remembered by all our members. 

Our condolences to his family and the LO-FTF Council. 

Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union and LO-FTF project team in Mongolia. 

Kind regards, S.Ganbaatar 


Workers Central Union of Cuba

Med dyb sorg og forfærdelse modtog vi meddelelsen om dødsfaldet af kammeraten Anders Stig Møller. 

Vi beklager meget det tidlige tab af denne prestigefyldte fagforeningsleder, i hvem vi, de cubanske arbejdere og fagforeninger, har altid fundet en hjælpende hånd og et eksempel på solidaritet. I denne sorgens tid for LO-FTF og de danske arbejdere, vi vil gerne udtrykke vores dybeste medfølelser og vores solidaritet med sin kone, andre pårørende og kolleger. 

Ambasadør i Zambia Thomas Schjerbeck

Tak for denne information. Om end det er en trist meddelelse. Det gør mig ondt for Anders' familie, der har mistet deres mand og far alt for tidligt. Og for Ulandssekretariatet, som har mistet en dygtig leder. 

Min kondolence til hans efterladte. 

Med venlig hilsen 

Thomas (Schjerbeck) 


Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung

Dear friends, 

Coming back to my office today I read your message about the untimely death of Anders, and I was struck by shock and grief. I got to know Anders for the first time more than a decade ago when I was in Central America and the Carribean. In all the meetings I had with him since those days, Anders managed to create the impression that we never had really interrupted our last meeting. It is difficult to believe that there will be no more reunion with Anders. On behalf of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) I would like to express my most sincere condolences. Please give my warmest regards to his family. 

Reiner Radermacher 

Coordinator Global Trade Union Programme 

Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung 


Eatuc Arusha

We have learnt with deep sorrow of the sudden death of Anders Stig Moller who was a dedicated trade unionist who truly committed in the trade union work. 

The LO/FTF Council has lost a courageous leader and a fighter in defence of workers and trade union rights.  

He will be long remembered and sadly missed not only by the LO/FTF Council but also by the entire trade union movement in the world. 

On behalf of the East African Trade Union Confederation (EATUC) and on my own behalf, I wish to extend to you and through you to the members of the bereaved family our deepest condolences.    

May his soul rest in eternal peace.  Amen 

Emmanuel Nzunda 

Executive Secretary 


Association of Construction Workers and Informal Workers ACIW

We are deeply saddened with the abrupt news of the passing of bro. Anders Stig  Moller, Secretay General of LO/FTF Council. 

Our memories of him are still fresh as he was part of the appraisal team (Union Good Governance) January 8, 2009. In that very short moment, we were able to recognize and acknowledge his sincerity and commitment to his work. We are indeed privilege of his visit here in the Philippines. 

In behalf of the National Council, Staffs, volunteers, and the entire family of ACIW, I wanted to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, nd colleagues fo the late Bro. Anders Stig Moller. 

With our deepest sympathy, 

Bro. Nonoy P. Palarca 

Secretary General 



We are very much shocked to hear sad news of untimely demise of Brother Andres Stig Moller, the General Secretary of the LO-FTF Council. GEFONT express heart felt tribute to Late Andres Stig Moller. We are feeling that we have lost one dynamic friend and leader. His contribution to strengthen the relation between GEFONT and LO-FTF Council is highly significant. GEFONT extends deep condolence to the bereaved family. 

With Kind regards 

Mukunda Neupane 

Chairperson, on the behalf of GEFONT Family 



We are very much shocked to hear the painful news of pass away of Brother Anders Stig Moller. Officially Brother Chairperson Mukunda is going to sissue condolence message today. 

We would like to express our feeling to the entire family of LO-FTF Council for high patience in these painful moments of the loss of popular and dyanmic leader. 

With best regards 

Umesh Upadhyaya 


Den cubanske ambassade i København

Det kollektiv af medarbejdere på Den Cubanske Ambassade i København, udtrykker hermed vores dybeste medfølelser ved Anders Stig Møllers død. 

Med dyb sorg og forfærdelse modtog vi meddelelsen om dødsfaldet af vores kære ven Aners. 

Vi beklager dybt det tidlige tab af en meget værdsat ven af Cuba. Anders Stig Møller har altid været en hjælpende hånd og et eksempel på solidaritet med Cuba og de tredjeverdenslande. 

I denne sorgens tid for LO-FTF, de danske arbejdere og Anders familie, vi vil gerne udtrykke vores dybeste medfølelser og vores solidaritet med Anders kone og familie, andre pårørende og kolleger. 

Med solidariske hilsner 

Kollektiv af arbejdere på Den Cubanske Ambassade i København 



I am so sorry to hear about the demise of Sir Anders Stig Moller.  

May his soul rest in peace. 

I extend my deep condolence to the bereaved family. 


Shreenu Shrestha 



COTU - Kenya


On my own behalf and on behalf ofCOTU/Kenya Executive Board we join you in this trying momment of your organization and send you our sincere condolences for having lost your committed labour leader brother Anders and may God give strength to the immediate members of his family andhis colleagues. 

COTU/Kenya has for many years worked closely with LO/FTF and the passing on of brother Anders is equally a big blow to our two sister organizations may God Rest His Soul In Eternal Peace! 

Francis Atwoli Secretary General. 



This is indeed devastating news.  Anders will be very sadly missed by all who knew him. It is hard to imagine our Nordic/Dutch/German meetings without his consistent and important contributions to our debates which always were based upon a firm commitment to international trade union solidarity. 

Our sincere condolences to all of Anders' family and friends. 

Steve Grinter 

Education Secretary 


Fundación Paz y Solidaridad et CCOO

Estimados compañeros y compañeras: Hemos tenido conocimiento del fallecimiento de su Secretario General Anders Stig Moller y queremos manifestarles nuestras condolencias y solidaridad en estos duros momentos para Uds, su familia y su organización.  El fallecimiento del compañero Anders, es para el movimiento sindical internacional, para el sindicalismo danés y para CCOO una perdida que lamentamos y recordaremos a lo largo del tiempo. 

Su implicación sindical y personal en todas sus responsabilidades, con quien hemos compartido  proyectos de cooperación, trabajo sindical, hace que recordemos con especial cariño a un excelente dirigente sindical y un buen amigo de las CCOO españolas y de su Fundación para la Cooperación Internacional " Paz y Solidaridad". 

En nombre de la Confederación Sindical de CCOO a través de su Secretaria de Cooperación Sindical y en nombre de la Dirección de la Fundación Paz y Solidaridad "Serafín Aliaga" quisiéramos transmitirles un saludo sindical y solidario a ustedes como  Institución  y, también  que en nuestro nombre transmitan este mensaje a su familia. 

Reciban un fuerte y fraternal abrazo, 


Union Nationale Des Syndicats de Travailleurs du Benin

C'est avec une profonde affliction et une grande tristesse que nous avonsa pprise,l a morts ubitee t tragiqued u regrettéA ndersS tig Moller précédemmenSt ecrétaireG énéral du Conseil Syndical Danois du LO/FTFd, es suitesd 'uneh émorragiecé lébralem assive.

A eette douloureuseo ccasion,l es militantese t militantsr egroupésa u sein de l'Union Nationaled es Syndicatsd e Travailleursd u Bénin (UNSTB),e t moi-mêmes, ommesp rofondémeljm eurtrise t attristés.Nousv ous prionsd e bienv ouloirt ransmettren os sentimentsd e réelles compassionsà la veuveA méricas a fille Dominiquea insi que leur fils Olaf,s anso ublier Tejs et Jon,é galemenàt toutes a famille. Nous vous prionsd 'agréer,c her ami et collègue,I 'expressiond e notre considératiodnis tinguéeet nosr espectueusseEs lutations.  

Emmanuel Zounon - Secrétarie Général 

Marisol Pardo

Secretaria de Cooperación Sindical de la Confederación Sindical de CCOO 

Presidenta de la Fundación Paz y Solidaridad. 

Juan Ortega. 

Director de la Fundación Paz y Solidaridad "Serafín Aliaga" 



We ask you a favour  to send our deepest condolences to the leadership of LO/FTF Council and to the family of Bro. Anvers Stig Moller whose passing away is a great loss  not only for his family but also for  the LO/LTF council  and all trade union organisations over the world , that have benifited from his cooperation and assistance. 

Mai Duc Chinh, Vice-President 

Director of the VGCL BSPS Steering Committee. 


Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies

It is a heartbreaking shock for us that our great friend Brother Anders Stig Moller is no more with us in this world. His sad demise has created an eternal emptiness, which will never be filled up by any means. We are, on behalf of Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies - BILS, expressing condolence to the bereaved family and colleagues. Besides, we pray for the deceased to Almighty. May almighty keep his departed soul in peace and give his family enough strength to confront the reality and overcome the situation. 

Maestro Anders Stig Moller was a pathfinder to us. He was the first Project Manager of BILS/LO-FTF Project that continues until his departure. Our tears will not reduce the emptiness but our hearts will always miss a noble person like him. 

We have built up epitaph after his mane in each our hearts. 

Nazrul Islam Khan 

Secretary General 


ITF House

On behalf of the ITF, I would to express our deep shock at the death of Anders Stig Møller. It's a tragic loss for the trade union movement. 

Please accept our sympathies and solidarity. We are thinking of his family and all his colleagues in LO-FTF. 

In solidarity 

Alana Dave 

ITF Education Officer 


ZCTU Zambia

It is with profound shock and regret that the Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has learnt of the untimely death of your General Secretary Mr Anders Stig Moller. 

Mr Moller's passing on is indeed a sad development as it has robbed the Danish trade union movement and the world trade union movement of a committed and selfless leader who stood for struggles of the working class. 

We know that Mr Moller was a beacon of the workers' struggle in Denmark and that you have lost a man of vast experience on issues affecting the working class the world over. 

On behalf of the ZCTU Executive Board, the workers of Zambia and indeed on my own behalf, I wish to extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the Danish trade union movement and indeed the family of our departed brother and colleague. 

Yours in mourning, 

Roy Mwaba 



LO-TCO Secretariat

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Brothers and Sister, 

I was with deep sorrow I read the sad information from the LO-FTF Council about Anders. My warmest thoughts goes to Anders wife and children! I will miss Anders voice in our meetings within the international trade union network and I'm sad that we lost him too early!!! 

Monica Hallberg 

Asia Coordinator LO-TCO Secretariat 



It was with great chock that we received your message about the sudden death of Anders.  Our thoughts are with you and of course with his family. 

Please convey our condoleances to his wife and children. 

In solidarity, 

IUF / Barbro 


LO Norge

Dette var en helt forferdelig beskjed å få. Det er med sorg våre tanker går til hans enke og barn samt hans nære kollegaer i LO-FTF. Vennligst overbring vår medfølelse og dypeste kondolanser. 

Personlig kjenner jeg Anders som en kunnskapsrik, profesjonell og veldig trivelig kollega. Vi hadde mange interessante diskusjoner, spesielt om Latin-Amerika som han kunne så mye mer om enn meg. Vi hadde mange av de samme synspunktene både på Latin-Amerika og på andre deler av verden. Vi vil savne Anders som person og hans måte å si ifra på. Han var alltid direkte og klar - noe som trengs i internasjonal fagbevegelse. Men han hadde alltid et smil på lur og en fantastisk form for humor. 

Med vennlig hilsen 

Nina Mjøberg 


Landsorganisasjonen i Norge 


LO Norge

Vi fikk beskjeden i dag morges. Et fryktelig tap, for familien, for deg, for LO-FTF og for alle oss andre som lærte Anders å kjenne som en meget hyggelig og konstruktiv kamerat. 

Vi føler med dere alle. 

Hilsen Diis Bøhn 


PSI World

Please offer our condolences to Anders family.  It is very sad and a great loss to LOFTF and the trade union movement. 

Kind regards 

Jenny and Christine 

PSI World 


SFTU Swaziland

We the SFTU and all our structures unreservedly and selflessly wish to express our most hard felt condolences to the demise of brother Anders, his demise is an irreparable loss not only to the Danish Organised labour but to all of us who have benefited from his benevolent leadership skills, and as SFTU we owe our success in many areas of capacity building and democratisation processes in Swaziland because of the selfless leadership of Danish LO leaders of the calibre of brother Anders. May the lord comfort his family, friends, colleagues and the organisation. May his soul rest in peace. 

Jan J. Sithole 

Secretary General 


GTUC Ghana

Kindly accept the deepest condolence on behalf of the program team in Ghana. 

It is our hope that you will be consoled by the good deeds the man left behind. If he developed a common philosophy for LOFTF, then the greatest tribute you and your team can pay to him is to keep to the ideals and build upon them. 

We here believe that there is a great force behind this universe and He will keep both you and the Team and the departed leader safe. 

Kofi Nyiaye 



We received the sad news of the departed of the LO/FTF Council General Secretary, Brother Anders, on behalf of Kupripupa workers let me send our condolences to the LO/FTF fraternity for this great loss. Our prayers and support are with you especially at this time of mourning. 

Pass our condolences to the family. 

God Bless you all 

Rajabu Mwondi 

General Secretary- KUPRIPUPA 



Vilken chock att hore att Anders gatt bort. Vi taenker pa er pa kontoret och sarskilt pa hans familj. Ta vael hand om er. Hoer av er om det finns nat saerskilt onskemal till begravelsen. 

Varma halsningar 

Anita Normark 

BWI, Geneve 


Dansk Missionsråds Udviklingsafdeling

Det er med et stort chok, vi modtager denne triste meddelelse. Anders var jo en meget markant og levende skikkelse i NGO-miljøet og meget engageret også i NGO Forum som repræsentant for Fagbevægelsens Ulandssekretariat, hvor jeg har haft mange gode diskussioner, drillerier samt et fortrinligt samarbejde med Anders. Vi har jo ikke altid været enige om alt - men sådan er det jo. Men jeg har altid følt, at der var tale om en gensidig respekt mellem de faglige og de kirkelige organisationer, der hver især har rødder tilbage i internationalt humanitært arbejde og solidaritetsarbejde længe inden, statsligt udviklingsbistand blev et tema, hvorfor begge grupper har haft og fortsat har stor indflydelse på dansk udviklingspolitik, og jeg føler, at der ofte har været tale om gensidig inspiration. 

Min dybeste medfølelse ikke mindst med Anders' familie men også med jer i fagbevægelsen, der har mistet en markant og inspirerende international fortaler for lighed, retfærdighed og solidaritet med stor gennemslagskraft også i de internationale faglige netværk. Han vil blive savnet i mange sammenhænge. 

I dyb respekt! 

Uffe Torm 


Dansk Missionsråds Udviklingsafdeling 



I have been sharing this very sad news with the team of the secretariat yesterday and on behalf of all of us, I present you and to Anders' Family our most sincere condolences. 

In such situation words seem always poor and weak. Anders has been always very active and supportive to CONCORD adventure, especially from the Danish context but also through the CONCORD general assemblies and recently at the High Level Leadership meeting. He has been a great supporter of the European agenda for many years. It is a big loss for European Civil Society Organizations engaging in international solidarity and global development. 

We'll inform CONCORD members and partners through CONCORD Flash today or tomorrow. I'm copying this email to our Board members too. 

Again be so kind to share - on our behalf - our sincere support to Anders Stig Møller's friends, colleagues and family. 

Bet regards, Olivier Consolo 

Director of CONCORD 



This is very sad news. I remember all the animated debates with Anders in Copenhagen and in Brussels. A tremendous loss for you and for all of us. We will include it in informations to our members and the Board. 

Olivier is on leave this week but will definitely come back to you soon. 

Andreas Vogt 



FMLL Guatemala

Consternados por la noticia del sensible fallecimiento del estimado cro. ANDERS STIG MOLLER Secretario General del Consejo Danes de la LO/FTF, por este medio la JUNTA DIRECTIVA DE LA FUNDACION MARIO LOPEZ LARRAVE -Centro de Capacitacion Sindical de Guatemala, la Direccion Ejecutiva, Equipo Tecnico y de Apoyo y quienes laboran cerca de nuestra institucion, MANIFESTAMOS NUESTRO PROFUNDO PESAR Y SENTIMIENTO POR LA AUSENCIA FISICA DE NUESTRO CRO. ANDRES, PERO ESTAMOS SEGUROS Y CONFIADOS QUE ÉL CONTINUA PRESENTE CON SU ESPIRITU Y FUERZA DE TRABAJO ENTRE TODOS NOSOTROS 






Francisco Mendoza, 



BWI International

So sorry to hear about the news of the sad passing on of Anders, we share your grief and send our condolences and prayers. 




SASK - Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland

These are really shocking news. Death takes us usually by surprise but this time I am wordless. It was only few weeks ago when I had a meeting with him in a CONCORD conference in Brussels. We discussed the forthcoming SSO-GUF-meeting to be held in Copenhagen. Anders was in a very good mood and full of energy. We were looking forward to meeting again. Now he is gone. 

On behalf of SASK let me express our deepest condolences to the Anders' family and the staff of LO/FTF. You have lost farther and head of LO/FTF. We have lost a friend and a co-worker. Our thoughts are with you. 

With deepest regrets and sorrow 

Hannu Ohvo

Toiminnanjohtaja / Executive Director

Suomen Ammattiliittojen Solidaarisuuskeskus - SASK - Trade Union Solidarity Centre of Finland 


LO-TCO Biståndsnämnd

Det känns bar tomt att behöva kondolera en vän och kollega. Hur förgängligt är inte livet. Minnet av Anders finns dock alltid kvar och vi kommer att minnas de ting han uträttat genom alla år. 

Våra tankar är med er och Anders familj. 

Torbjörn Strandberg 

LO-TCO Biståndsnämnd 


ITUC Development Cooperation Department

We were deeply sorry to hear the sudden death of Anders Stig Moller, whom we knew as an outstanding member of LO/FTF and a good friend of us. This is, indeed, a great loss for the international trade union movement and especially for Colleagues working in the field of development cooperation. Anders was known as a generous and committed person in the battle to defend and protect human and trade union rights of the weak, and for that purpose, he went everywhere in the world to accomplish his mission. 

We will really miss him forever. 

All of us at the ITUC and ITUC Development Cooperation Department would like to convey our sincere condolences and sympathy to his family, colleagues and friends.  

On behalf of : 

Jaap Wienen 

Jan Dereymaeker 

De Clercq Peggy 

Paula Simonetti 

Luc Vermeersch 

Mamadou Diallo 


Sócrates Coello Ardón

Nos ha conmovido la infausta noticia del fallecimiento de Anders. Ruego a usted hecer llegar a los directivos de la LO/FTF y los familiares de Anders el acuerdo que le adjunto.

Aprovecho para expresarle que estamos recabando los últimos datos para enviar el informe.


Sócrates Coello Ardón 


Sierra Leone Labour Congress

I wish to convey to the LO-FTF the condolence of myself, my colleagues in the Sierra Leone Labour Congress Leadership and Membership over the sudden and sad death of your Secretary General, Brother Anders S. Moller.

We join you all in mourning the loss of our brother, who would be missed not just by the LO-FTF but by the Global Trade Union Movement and Africa in particular.

In paying tribute to Bro. Anders, I wish to recall the very cordial and healthy relations that Africa and Sierra Leone Labour Congress in particular have enjoyed with LO-FTF under his illustrious leadership.

Please convey to Bro. Anders's family our heartfelt sympathy and prayer for God Almighty to grant them the strength to bear the great loss.

Once again, accept our condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

Yours Fraternally,

Kandeh B. Yilla

Secretary General


FNT Nicaragua

Estimados amigos;No encontramos palabras para epresar nuestro desconcierto y dolor ante la partida definitiva de nuestro hermano Ander Stig Moller, Secretario General del Consejo Sindical Danés LO/FTF. Se nos ha ido un gran camarada que sup siempre estar al lado de los obreros del mundo en la lucha por un mundo más justo. Los trabajadores y pueblo sandinista de Nicaragua siempre tendremos presente la entrañable solidaridad de Anders.

En estas horas de dolor trasmitan nuestra solidaridad a su familia, al equipo de trabajo del Consejo Sindical Dan´s LO/FTF, al Secretariado Ejecutivo de la LO y del FTF de Dinamarca.


D. Gustavo Porras Cortés,

Coordinador Nacional del FNT