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Labour Market Profiles

Labour Market Profiles (LMPs) provide an overview of the labour market in 32 countries where the LO/FTF Council is cooperating with local trade union partners.

The profiles cover the trade union movement, employers' organizations, tripartite structures, national labour legislation, working conditions (including wages), violations of trade union rights, general information about the workforce (including unemployment, sectoral employment, migration, informal economy, child labour, gender and youth), education (including vocational training), social protection and the general economic and trade performance (including trade agreements and export processings zones).

All Labour Market Profiles are in English, and several reports from Latin America are also in Spanish. Profiles are updated gradually by the LO/FTF Council in collaboration with partners. 

If you have questions about the LMPs, please contact Kasper Andersen, kan@loftf.dk

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Latin America:

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