LO/FTF Council's documentary 'The Good Growth'

The film 'The Good Growth' is about the young, Danish general worker Tobias who comes from the western part of Denmark where growth and jobs have disappeared. At the same time countries in other parts of the world are experiencing major economic growth.

Tobias travels to Brazil, the Philippines and Ghana to investigate, why growth in some countries creates jobs, education and better living conditions for the population and the opposite in other countries. The growth in Brazil has elevated 20 million people out of poverty. In contrary the majority of the population in the Philippines has not benefitted from the country's high growth, whereas Ghana – a poor country – has managed to halve the number of poor over the past 20 years, partially due to the discovery of oil and the economic growth this has created.

The documentary features Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO, and Svend Roed Nielsen, Danish Ambassador to Brazil, along with other labour market experts, but first and foremost: the workers themselves.

The film contributes to the debate on growth in a globalized world where redistribution is the key to sustainable development and growth – a buzzword in the world’s conflicts, which are on the agenda today.

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For further information about Ghana and the Philippines see our Labour Market Profiles. They are part of our new Labour Market database, which consists of 30 Labour Market Profiles of developing countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America. All relevant information about the labour market, working conditions and socioeconomic factors is available – ranging from unemployment, trade union rights, female work force and child labor to the countries’ ILO conventions. The Labour Market Profiles are in English and will be updated annually. You will find the Labour Market Profiles at our homepage.

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