Introduction to the sub-regional offices in Latinamerica

Cooperating partners

Currently the DTDA has direct bilateral cooperation with union partners in Colombia and Bolivia, and is supporting regional networks in Central America – Guatemala and Honduras – and in the Andean region – Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Programme and focus areas

The cooperation of the Danish Trade Union Council is aiming at strengthening the capacity of the trade union movement to influence labour market conditions and the enforcement of labour rights, decent work and social security as well as to influence social, political and economic development at national and regional level.

In Colombia, the  DTDA supports the capacity building of the trade union movement to enter into social dialogue with the employers in the mining, sugarcane and cut flower sector. Additionally, the  DTDA is supporting the trade union movement to contribute to the Peace Process and take advantage of the space for political and civil participation. This is in line with the ILO 205 Recommendation “Transition from War to Peace”

In Bolivia, the  DTDA supports the health and education sector union organizations. The aim of the cooperation is to improve working conditions in the public sector, which is characterised by short-term contracts and precarious work, and lack of social protection and pensions. Additionally, the unions are pushing an agenda of increased investments and improved public services.

In the Andean Region, the  DTDA is supporting the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) in bringing together the national trade unions in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to coordinate, analyse and propose common solutions to the economic and social integration of the economic block “Andean Community”. Likewise, the cooperation will support the monitoring of the trade agreement between the EU, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador.

In Central America, the  DTDA is supporting a network of public sector unions in health, water and sanitation to formulate national strategies and proposals to secure decent work for the employees in this sector and maintain free access to these services by the poor and marginalised population.

Presence in Latin America

The  DTDA has offices in Guatemala (finance) and Bolivia (programme), which together with the headquarters in Copenhagen coordinate technical assistance, monitoring, evaluation and financial accountability.